Access Interruption Nov 13/14th, 2016

Dear Sales Simplicity Clients,

As some of you experienced we have had some issues over the weekend of November 13th/14th with either the inability to connect or slowness in connection to Sales Simplicity.  First, we want to extend our deepest apologies for this problem.  We have taken it seriously and understand the frustration it can bring to you and your sales staff.

Working with our colocation management team, we have identified the problem.  We have a backup that occurs on weekends that runs into our daytime as well as a virus scan that occurs at the same time.  These services have been in place for well over a year.  We do not know why suddenly they are giving us problems, but they have and we have been charged with finding a solution.  Working with our IT management provider OneNeck we have established a plan of action that takes our webserver completely out of the picture when it comes to back ups and have also instituted a rule that any processes that are running for virus scan or backup purposes to run within the timeframe of 10PM to 4AM MST.  This will ensure that none of these processes affect performance.  As a secondary precaution, we have added more monitoring to our system to tell us when these events do cross over that timeframe.

This is a good time to tell you that we are testing a Sales Simplicity instance on Azure, with a goal of initial migration early in the first quarter of 2017, and allowing you to test your data in that environment before we do the actual move.  This will give multiple builders time to know that everything went well and then we will set a final target date for the cut over to the Azure environment.  There are many reasons for the move to Azure, but a few of the primary ones are:

  1. On-demand resizing of our hard drives and CPUs.
  2. Updated network infrastructure.
  3. More tools and resources to provide you the help you need.

We do appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience through these issues and we will work towards perfection every day.

Just a reminder: If you ever experience the site being down or any other emergency after hours or holidays please have your company’s administrator call our emergency number.