New Feature Mini-Release: Customer Search Upgrade

Sales Simplicity has released a new feature to increase efficiency in navigating the customer section.  While prior iterations of the Customer Search allowed you to access a customer’s Buyer tab and navigate from there,  our search screen now allows for you to access the pages you use most on a customer’s profile in a faster, more efficient manner. Once you search for a customer, you can quickly access the areas for buyer info, demographic information, lots*, options*,  and even contracts* directly from the Customer Search by clicking the appropriate icon.
Two new icons were added before a Customer’s first and last name – The gear icon will take you directly to the Options tab, while the person icon will take you to the Demographics tab.  Customer Status and Lot have been updated to now be links that will take you to the appropriate tabs, as well; Customer Status will take you to the contract tab, while the Lots link will take you to the Lots & Plans tab.  Click image below to enlarge.




Note: If you restrict access to certain tabs for an individual user, the icons will not appear while they are searching through Sales Simplicity.

*These screens only accessible to full-system users, not CRM-Only



Questions?  Contact the Professional Services Department at account@salessimplicity,com to reach the training team.