Social Security # Fields Will Be Renamed

Sales Simplicity Admins,

We wanted to send a quick note in advance to our users regarding the upcoming 18.1 release. In this release, we’ll be renaming, at the root database level, the Buyer SSN, Co-Buyer SSN, and User SSN fields. This will have no effect on the current Sales Simplicity application but will effectively break these screens in the legacy version. If you’re running custom reports or data pulls using these fields, they may need to be adjusted as well.  For more details, click the link below.  For any questions, please open a ticket with .  Do not reply to this post, as comments are not monitored.


You may have seen some updates come through recently regarding security updates that we’ve made with regards to the direct reporting connections, DocuSign integrations, and older browsers using TLS 1.0. The open nature of the internet means that we need to take the security of you information seriously. To that end, during a review process, one of the red flags that caught our attention was a field that’s long been in existence called SSN. Common sense has prevailed and we’re not aware of any users actually keeping Customer’s Social Security information in this field, however, simply having the field with this name is a security and liability risk, especially for our public builders.

18.1 addresses this issue at its root level where it needed to occur. However, by altering the data schema in this manner, it makes the legacy application no longer function in some key areas. If you’re currently using our legacy application and it’s integral to your process, please let us know and we can create a plan of action to ensure you experience no down time.