Security Update

Starting July 17th, Sales Simplicity will be redirecting all builders to using secure connections via HTTPS. Previously, we have allowed builders to opt-in to forcing a secure connection. Going forward we will be forcing all builders to use a HTTPS connection with the application.
This change will not apply to self hosted builders.
Most users will not be impacted by this change. The redirect will happen automatically when they login to the site.

Any builders who have external links to non- HTTPS sites (such as option images or user images) may see security warnings about insecure content being requested, or the browser may simply block the content without a warning. These builders will want to ensure that their image hosting also uses HTTPS in order to prevent these warnings.
If you would like to opt-in to having HTTPS turned on now, please email us at

If you would like to test out the HTTPS version to verify compatibility you can append https:// to your normal Sales Simplicity login portal. So, would become