Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Contracts and Merge Fields

In an effort to help our users get the most out of Sales Simplicity we are going to be releasing a series of videos/webinars. In these videos will be taking a deep look into specific areas of Sales Simplicity to help you  better understand and utilize more complex functionality of the system. Our hope is that you will find new ways to use the system to it’s fullest potential!

In our first video we cover interesting and complex things you can do with your Word contract documents. The topics covered in the video below are:

  • Installing and adding fields to contract documents
  • Editing fields to round number values and spell out numbers
  • Creating formulas to do custom calculations based on merged data
  • Utilizing IF statements to automate filing in check boxes on your contract
  • Conditional signing fields in Docusign
  • Utilizing the “Specify Recipients” role type in Docusign


If there are any specific areas or topics you would like to see looked at in depth please let us know, we would love to know what you want to see!