**Update** Sales Simplicity Version 21

Due to some complications with back-end services, the team has decided to postpone the V21 release until next week, 2/1/2021. Thank you for you patience.

Version 21 of Sales Simplicity will be released to your environment beginning at 9:00 PM PST on 2/1/2021. This update is estimated to take 4 hours. To make sure you do not lose anything you are working on, please make sure to save your work and log out of the system prior to the installation date and time listed above. You will be logged out of Sales Simplicity when the update begins.

This update largely focuses on bringing new features to Sales Simplicity including:

  • 2 new web topo parameters to hide sold lots and hide total price for sold lots
  • Allowing multiple tasks to be completed at once in the control center
  • Expanded text editing tools in the Customer Marketing email creator
  • The ability to group sales agents into “teams”, which will allow those users to access each other’s customers without giving them blanket permission to “View other users’ customers”
  • A new quote system which allows users to lock selected option pricing for prospects/leads for a set number of days, allowing you to honor pricing presented to a customer.
  • The ability to modify the “from” email address for Eblasts
  • The ability to schedule the date/time an eblast is to be sent
  • The ability to mark an email task to be automatically completed on it’s due date

Click Here to read the full release notes for version 20.1.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at account@salessimplicity.com.