Sales Simplicity Version 22

Version 22 of Sales Simplicity will be released to your environment beginning at 9:00 PM PST on 10-/06/2021. This update is estimated to take 4 hours. To make sure you do not lose anything you are working on, please make sure to save your work and log out of the system prior to the installation date and time listed above. You will be logged out of Sales Simplicity when the update begins.

You can view full details in the release notes below, but highlights include:

  • Ability to modify the FLI for attachment groups, attachment types, and adjustment types
  • Ability to load a PDF as a master report (No merge field support)
  • Limit of 4 contract packages has been removed, now you can have as many as you need
  • Web topo can now display a sold lot that is contingent as available
  • Subdivision setting to display prices to the pennies instead of rounding
  • Ability to set a builder default set of topo icons to enable mass updating
  • Users can now tell if a customer has opted out of email communication via an unsubscribe link or if it was toggled by the agent
  • When viewing sent eblasts you can click the subject and see what template was sent for that email
  • Ability for users to create custom search lists in the Control Center
  • A user can now copy option selections from one spec home to another
  • Stages of construction tab UI has been modified to increase usability
  • Stages of escrow can be flagged as “job specific” so they are able to be tracked on a spec home instead of just on a sold lot

Click Here to read the full release notes for version 22.0

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