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Version 18.1 Release

Our version 18.1 has been released. You will not need to do anything to download this new version.

There are many exciting new features in 18.1, as well as a variety of fixes.  The release notes can be found below.

Some highlights of 18.1:

  • Enhanced FLI Editing
  • Additional Search Bars
  • Ability To Hide Unused Mortgage Info
  • Mass Text Messaging
  • IMAP Email Integration
  • Modify Garage Orientation
  • Zillow API Integration for E-Leads

As many of you may remember, our first release of the year, 18.0, had an issue that was causing problems for many builders and so we rolled it back.  That issue has been fully resolved and the features and fixes from the 18.0 release was included in this update, and so the original 18.0 notes can be found below as well.

Some highlights of 18.0:

  • Option Attribute Images
  • FollowUp Tasks Triggered by Completion
  • New DocuSign Roles
  • Spec Home  Virtual Topo
  • Options Past Cuttoff Greyed Out

18.1 Release Notes Can Be Found Here

18.0 Release Notes Can Be Found Here



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Network issue

The data center where Sales Simplicity is hosted is currently experiencing network issues. We are working with them to resolve this critical issue, and will post here and on our operations twitter feed once we’ve resolved the issue.

Thanks for your patience,
Sales Simplicity Ops Team

Update: As of 3:00 PM PDT yesterday, the firewall networking issues at our data center have been resolved. We’ve spent the time since then auditing our services. We have discovered that because the issue was an intermittent issue with the firewall, some workflow notifications did not go out and some of the email blasts were not sent as well. We have resent the notifications. You can check if your eblast had issues by referencing the “Success” column on the Email Stats tab.