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Security Update

Starting July 17th, Sales Simplicity will be redirecting all builders to using secure connections via HTTPS. Previously, we have allowed builders to opt-in to forcing a secure connection. Going forward we will be forcing all builders to use a HTTPS connection with the application.
This change will not apply to self hosted builders.
Most users will not be impacted by this change. The redirect will happen automatically when they login to the site.

Any builders who have external links to non- HTTPS sites (such as option images or user images) may see security warnings about insecure content being requested, or the browser may simply block the content without a warning. These builders will want to ensure that their image hosting also uses HTTPS in order to prevent these warnings.
If you would like to opt-in to having HTTPS turned on now, please email us at

If you would like to test out the HTTPS version to verify compatibility you can append https:// to your normal Sales Simplicity login portal. So, would become

Social Security # Fields Will Be Renamed

Sales Simplicity Admins,

We wanted to send a quick note in advance to our users regarding the upcoming 18.1 release. In this release, we’ll be renaming, at the root database level, the Buyer SSN, Co-Buyer SSN, and User SSN fields. This will have no effect on the current Sales Simplicity application but will effectively break these screens in the legacy version. If you’re running custom reports or data pulls using these fields, they may need to be adjusted as well.  For more details, click the link below.  For any questions, please open a ticket with .  Do not reply to this post, as comments are not monitored.


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TLS encryption update

The internet is constantly changing and growing. To better support a safe internet, the PCI Security Standards Council is recommending that websites stop supporting less secure modes of encryption.

By June 30th, 2018 many sites across the internet will stop supporting TLS 1.0. This includes our integration partner, DocuSign. You can read more from DocuSign after the ‘Continue reading’.

Most modern browsers will *NOT* be impacted by this update. Just in case, we recommend verifying that your browser will support the new encryption standards. One site you can use to verify this is the SSLLabs site here.

If you find that your browser is not compliant, there are instructions after the ‘Continue reading’ that you can either give to your IT company or follow yourself to allow your browser to support TLS 1.0

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Final Day for SS or BMT University Room Block Rates!

Today, March 12th, is the final day for the room block rates for Sales Simplicity or BuilderMT University this spring.  If you are considering attending, please register and book your room today or a room in the same hotel (and at the discounted rate) cannot be guaranteed.

What is University?

We host a 3.5 day intensive training here in Arizona for administrators. You can sign up for either the Sales Simplicity or the BuilderMT tract, and there is a bonus optional joint session the final day that discusses the integration and upcoming features that impact both such as the Feature Manager tool.  This course puts you in a small classroom environment with administrators of other builders using the same software, and is a great opportunity for new administrators that need to learn how to run their builder’s environment, or ones that could benefit from a retraining (especially with new features coming out for both software systems).  Please note that if you are a Sales Simplicity builder that is mid-implementation, this course is not eligible to replace your on-site implementation visit.

For more info or to sign up for either the BuilderMT or Sales Simplicity University tract, see below to visit the website or reply to this email!

Rollback Complete 2/20/2017 3:30 M.S.T.

The rollback to version 17.3 in hopes to resolve the slowness/unresponsive website is now complete. If you do happen to encounter the site being Slow or Unresponsive please let us know right away by emailing Again we cant Thank You enough for your patience an we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, your staff and your customers.

18.0 Rollback Downtime

To combat the slowness and unresponsiveness some builders have experienced since the 18.0 release, we will be rolling back to 17.3 for the time being to ensure business can proceed for our users as normal. We will then be reevaluating 18.0 to identify the issue and will inform builders before continuing with it again. There will be no data loss with this rollback. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience in this matter.


We anticipate a 30minute downtime, so if you are able to access the system please save your work.  We will be starting at approximately 2:45pm MST.   If you are a subscription or self-hosted builder, this will not impact you.


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